“Not merely one of our favourite Irish songsmiths at the minute, but quite clearly one of the very best – the most astute and consistently captivating – singer-songwriters around. This is beautiful, vital stuff.”

(The Thin Air)

“Combining elements of Folk, Indie Rock and Ambient Folk, young Irish singer-songwriter Kieran O’Brien creates a dreamy and hazy sound that is a perfect fit for fall season.”

(Find A Song)

“The songwriter has made a name for himself performing self-penned songs that hold more honesty than a confessional booth and more urgency than a getaway car.”


“A voice of husky, whispery, and sky-reaching heights is unapologetically Kate Bush-like and the blend of hill-walking candle-lit voyaging and blues guitar make it both timeless and fitting with the current music trend.”

(We Plug Good Music)

“One of the most exciting acts to hit the Galway scene in recent times. Songwriter, storyteller, raconteur, guitarist, entertainer, and challenger of traditional gender and sexual roles, Steven Sharpe is a man deserving of the term ‘multi-talented’.”

(The Galway Advertiser)

“Without a shadow of a doubt one of the finest finds from the past 12 months… His brand of surfy psych-pop is totally charming, entirely irresistible, easy-going and timeless” 


“Katie O’Connor has shared her music on stages and streets from Europe to New York. Songs and stories entwined, she delivers a gripping performance each and every time backed up by powerful lyrics and an unrivaled raspy voice.”

(This Is Galway)

“A Curly Organ show is like an encounter with a modern day wild eyed ancient prophet man… His insights into the human condition, his dedication to his craft and the purity of his performance are astounding. The Curly Organ stands out as a genuine artist.”


“They’ve got scuzzy guitars, ringing harmonies and super pop melodies. They’re wistful, artlessly artful and genuinely different. They’ve sure got something, and it’s something we like – this is a lovely EP and one of the best I’ve heard by an Irish band in quite some time.”


“Delicate guitar and soft vocals that sometimes waver slightly out of key and strain, highlighting the intimacy and vulnerability of his music [building] upon the endearing qualities of his live performance with the added injection of melodic keys, stunning backing vocals, bouncing bass and percussion.”

(An Áit Eile)

“A knack for charming motifs and deft sincerity to keep the summery folk fan in all of us whistling all the way to the shops” 

(The Thin Air)

“Katie O’Connor and Steven Sharpe are two of Galway’s most prolific and established gay musicians… Blending their individual styles, Katie’s melodic vocal tones complement Steven’s flamboyant sass to create a lush, fresh sound.”

(The Connacht Tribune)

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