Citóg Records is a music collective from Galway, Ireland.

We organise sweet gigs, release an annual compilation of songs and put on fundraisers for local communities such as The Melting Pot Luck, COPE Galway, Amach LGBT, Let’s Get Talking and Galway Simon Community.

Acts currently with Citóg Records include New Pope, Eoin Dolan, Emma Lohan, Majestic Bears, Field Trip, Steven Sharpe, Tracy Bruen, Dylan Murphy, Katie O’Connor, Kieran O’Brien, The Curly Organ, Pa Reidy, To Gaze Upon Us, Jack Lee and Theo-touché.

Citóg Records alumni include The Clockworks, Padraig Jack, Grounds For Invasion, Whim, Rural Savage, The Depravations, Harrison & The Devil, Drown, Jenny Liston, Rivers and Crows, The Followers Of Otis, Felix Sonnyboy, Boyfights and Alis.

Get in touch at citogrecords@gmail.com